Negba supports children’s studies, even when far away!

Distance learning is very difficult for children. Continuous sitting in front of the computer tends to exacerbate difficulty concentrating and the lack of social time along with solitude at home. There are also families where the parents work all day and therefore are not at home to help the child learn and cope, or alternatively families who can not afford a computer or Internet, to connect and be available for online lessons.

Due to this situation, we decided to open some of the clubs also in the morning, as needed. We have seen that the arrival of the children in the clubs increases their motivation to learn, provides them with a conducive learning environment, routine, and the company of other children. Our instructors are waiting for them here to make sure that they connect to the time-oriented zoom and lessons, to guide, help and assist with the study material and whatever is required. For Sarah, a 9-year-old girl, it made all the difference: “What fun to study with other children and not alone at home, where I can’t study at all.”

In order to adapt ourselves to the situation and quickly, we were equipped with the necessary technological means: webcams, microphones and headphones. We would like to thank Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, which makes a special contribution to us every year, and this year, as needed, donated these technological additions to us so that the children can connect to distance learning. Are you also interested in donating to the children of Negba, please clic here?

For the families of the children who are at home during this period, we have donated 10 of our computers. So that they can connect and learn remotely according to the new reality. Shira, mother of three children in the club: “I have no words to thank you for this wonderful gift, from now on it will be much easier to keep up with the pace of the children’s classes!”

In addition, thanks to a very special and dedicated donor who wanted to help and support, we were able to donate two new laptops to two girls from our youth club. The girls were amazed by the donor’s generosity, very thankful, and excited about the special opportunity that enabled them to continue learning, progressing and achieving all their goals with the help of the new computers.

Eliav, the association’s pedagogical vice president, had this to say: “The Coronavirus brings with it new challenges that force us to adjust, re-plan and think about what we can do to help children and families in accordance with the changing reality. In the meantime, we have managed to prepare and achieve all of our goals for the children, and I am sure that with the help of Negba’s determined and dedicated team together with our valued donors, we will continue to do so throughout the year. “

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