The deconfinement continue at Negba

The deconfinement phase is now underway, and we are happy to see gradually the children of Negba physically present again in our premises. In Beer-Sheva 75% of them have already returned to date, all gathered in our “Caty and Mona Dreyfuss” Center, and 100% at Grosman Home in Jerusalem. We hope to gradually reopen the other Homes as the long-awaited positive development of this situation progresses. Then children will recover their premises and resume their habits there.

A few days after the partial resumption of our activity, we received an unscheduled visit to Beer-Sheva from representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the social department of the municipality who thus wished, taking advantage of the surprise effect, to make sure the health rules and standards enacted were effectively complied with.

Here are some of the sentences from their inspection report:

“All the children and all the personnel wear a mask, there are disinfectants in all the places, as for the temperature taking at the entry, the signed authorizations of the parents and the inscriptions at the entry, everything is well respected as required by compulsory health regulations…

(…) The overall impression is excellent. The management of the number of children currently attending the center on a rotational basis is very satisfactory. A response is also provided to children who have stayed at home and who cannot yet go to the center. Special monitoring has been put in place to help each child and each family in an appropriate manner…

(…) The daily program is well constructed and diversified. At the time of our visit, we detected ‘good energy’ both in the children and in the management…

We congratulate the Negba association for this excellent result.”

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