The importance of cultural and artistic activities at Negba

In some families, especially a large part of those of the children we take in daily, each expense is a choice: buy a new coat or pay the electricity bill? Heat the house or buy meat for Shabbat?
It is easy to understand that in these situations certain expenses seem totally superfluous, like those related to art or culture.
Negba has been actively involved for several years in filling these gaps.

This year again the children and adolescents of Negba benefit from several cultural and artistic activities specially adapted for young people.

On the one hand, children attend 15 plays each year, 5 for each age group. These plays, performed by several Israeli troupes at the municipal theater and intended for children and adolescents in Beer-Sheva, deal with various themes linked to the daily lives of the children.

“Oz” group afer a music concert

On the other hand, young people attend music concerts once every two months. These concerts revisit the classics of the great composers of the past, but also play some more recent tunes well known to the children. In fact, these concerts are real shows with, on stage, in addition to the forty musicians of the Sinfonietta of Beer-Sheva, other artists (actors, puppeteers, acrobats…) who add a particular touch to each show.

But the children of Negba benefit from a special bonus before each concert: the musicians come in person to the Caty and Mona Dreyfuss Negba Home to meet the children, play some tunes, give them explanations on the pieces they will play during the concert, on composers and the history of music. If the children are nice, they even allow them to try their instruments!

This ambitious program has been very successful with the children. For Shy-Li, 7, it was a revelation: “I love going to the theater, it’s so funny! Me too I want to be an actress later!” As for Hodaya, 13, it is the music that attracts her most: “I am always impressed by the musicians, they all play so well together in the orchestra. I too would like to be part of it one day. I don’t hesitate for a second, as soon as I can, to try to learn to play the piano at the Negba Home’s entrance.”

Who knows, maybe soon a great artist will receive an award thanking Negba for making him discover the musical world!

This whole program has been greatly facilitated by the collaboration with, among others, Ms. Gisèle Elalouf, Bank Hapoalim… Great many thanks to them!

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