The “H’etz” – Delphine LévyMiddle School Transition Project in Jerusalem is a three-year program that accompanies pre-teens during the transition from elementary school to middle school.

This transitional period brings with it physiological, social and emotional changes, as well as academic challenges. Social actors have identified this period as critical, where many cases of school drop-out and delinquency occur. Teens struggling with these challenges drop through the cracks, unnoticed – and the damage caused is extremely difficult to mend.

The “H’etz” Project, the first of its kind in the city, was launched in the Spring of 2016. Developed in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality, the program is unique in that it is a failure prevention project – and not a reactive one. It prepares pre-teens for all of the demands that await them in this transitional period. It helps them apply to the middle school of their choice – as required in Jerusalem – by helping them reach an adequate level and preparing them for the required interviews. And it accompanies them through the first two years at the vastly larger middle schools so that they will not lose their way. The project works in close cooperation with the children’s schools and parents.

The “H’etz” – Delphine LévyProject operates daily after school and during the July Summer break, in three groups: one group for grade 6 and two groups for grades 7-8.

Activities at the “H’etz” Project include:

  • Customized school tutoring through Negba’s Learning Center
  • Group activities aimed at improving the development of emotional and social skills
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Leisure activities: sports, arts and crafts, culture, outings, etc.
  • Workshop on puberty-induced changes awareness and balanced interpersonal relationships
  • Weekly private conversation with animators
  • Dialogue with parents.

The “H’etz” – Delphine Lévy program is designed for 45 youth.