Negba helps children, teenagers and families from disadvantaged neighborhoods develop their social, emotional, intellectual and cultural capacities by providing them with skills to forge a better future. This is achieved through continuous daily activity and personal support over an extended period of years in a Negba framework.

Negba’s programs include:

  • After-School Homes for children, a network of 11 moadoniot (club groups) for children ages 6 through 12, with 15 children in each group. Each day begins with a nutritious hot meal, and then the children enjoy a rich and varied program in a warm home environment to meet their emotional and social needs, strengthen their educational abilities, and help them acquire cultural values and expand their general knowledge through enrichment activities.
  • Negba’s Teen Club, and the “Bogrim” Middle School Transition Project, both serve as continuing frameworks for pre-teens/teens in middle school and high school, accompanying them during the challenging and often turbulent adolescent years when they are exposed to the temptations of the street and are at great risk of dropping out of school.
  • Negba’s Learning Center operates within all of the organization’s clubs and club groups, because the children’s learning abilities are critical for their success in the future. Through the Learning Center each child receives a customized learning plan to facilitate academic progress according to each child’s scholastic needs and capabilities.
  • Negba runs Parents Workshops to help parents cope with the challenges of daily life and raising children and youth. Negba believes in the importance of working in partnership with families and their integral role in advancing their children.