We’d be happy to explore the following sponsorship opportunities, and others, with you to meet your philanthropic needs.
Please contact us at info@negba.org .

Gift Amount in $USD Project
90,000 Sponsor an After-School Home for a Year
50,000 Sponsor a Boarding School Training Initiative for a Year
15,000 Equip a Kitchen
12,000 Sponsor a Swimming Workshop (15 Kids) for a Year
10,000 Sponsor a Carpentry Workshop (15 Kids) for a Year
6,000 Equip a Library
5,000 Sponsor Therapeutic Horseback Riding (15 Kids) for a Year
4,000 Adopt a Negba Child for a Year
3,000 Sponsor a Baking Workshop (15 Kids) for a Year
2,000 Sponsor a Remedial Tutor (5 Kids) for a Year
1,500 Sponsor a Photography Workshop (15 Kids) for a Year
1,200 Sponsor a Jewish Identity Workshop (15 Kids) for a Year
980 Sponsor a Storyteller Workshop to Encourage Reading
700 Purchase a Computer for Math Tutoring
550 Purchase Two Bicycles
380 Send a Kid to Negba’s Summer Camp (7 days)
180 Purchase Sports Equipment (6 Kids) for a Year
75 Underwrite a Child’s Nutritional Hot Lunch for a Month

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