Negba’s Levy-Willard Teen Club is a continuing framework for youth ages 12-18 who graduated from Negba’s After-School Homes. Few programs cater towards underprivileged teens.

Launched in 2012, Negba’s Teen Club addresses this critical gap in programming, accompanying teens during the critical stage of adolescence when they undergo social, emotional, educational and physiological changes. Education and welfare officials point to the failure to cope with these changes as a leading cause for teens to decline socially, drop out of school, and become entangled with the dangers of the streets.

The Levy-Willard Teen Club operates daily after school and during the July Summer break.  Middle school children ages 12-15 enjoy four days of structured activity, while the older teens ages 16-18 attend three days a week.  The program is designed for 50 youth.  Activities at the Teen Club include:

  • Customized academic enrichment through Negba’s Learning Center
  • Group activities aimed at improving emotional expression, building trust in people, and developing social skills
  • Teen Club Band
  • Volunteering in the greater community
  • Leisure activities: sports, arts and crafts, culture, etc.
  • Positive sexuality workshop
  • Weekly private conversation with a social counselor
  • Dialogues with parents

The Teen Club is designed to develop the skills of youth in the following areas:

  • Personal abilities
  • Capacity to cope with difficulties
  • Self-image and academic functioning expectations, both in the present and future
  • Learning patterns and academic reinforcement
  • Selection of a military service framework
  • Choosing a profession (for the older teens ages 17-18)
Tahir and Adir, youths from the teen club band in their first music video