Negba’s After-School Homes provide a warm support framework for children ages 6-12 each afternoon on school days and during the July summer break.

Here the children receive personal attention and engage in a large variety of activities that enable them to develop and make the most of themselves. Staff at each Home builds a customized plan for each child according to his or her needs and capabilities, mapping out individual goals.  Three times a year an evaluation is conducted to assess progress and adapt the personalized plans accordingly.  Negba’s staff invests great effort working together with the children’s school teachers and with their parents to provide the children with the best chance to develop and succeed.

An abundance of activity at the After-School Homes aims to enrich the children’s world in a wide range of areas:

  • Strengthen academics through the Learning Center, which designs a personalized learning plan for each child.
  • Improve emotional expression, build trust in people and develop social skills by working with guidance professionals, developing relationships with social counselors, and by performing tasks in the group.
  • Enrich general education through structured social activities in a variety of areas, and attend cultural activities such as theater performances, concerts and visits to the library.
  • Enhance the relationship within the family through parent- child workshops.
  • Instill values ​​and an appreciation for the land of Israel through trips and outings across the country.

The After-School Homes operate daily on school days in the afternoon. Children come to Negba directly from school, eat a nutritious hot meal, engage in educational and social activities, and then return home in the evening.

“Franck Levy” Home – 30 children – Grade 1 to 6 – Beersheva
“Grosman” Home – 30 children – Grade 1 to 6 – Jerusalem
“Les Cigognes” Home (Inside Negba House) – 45 children – Grade 3 to 6 – Beersheva
“Jaqueline and Jacques Levy-Willard” Home – 30 children – Grade 1 to 6 – Beersheva
“Simone and Henri Schilli” Home – 30 children – Grade 1 to 3 – Beersheva