Negba’s team consists of passionate and dedicated professionals, experts in their respective fields, who are fully focused on meeting the needs of the children in Negba’s care. The team works closely together in the shared goal of helping Israel’s children at-risk reach their potential.

CEO and Director

Eliav Geissmann

CEO and Director

Eliav Geissmann, General Manager

Married to Aviva, father of two, Eliav did his Alyah in 2002 as part of the Naale Program, for young people doing their Alyah without their parents.

He grew up in Paris, within a family with much involvement in the life of the French Jewish community. “I felt at the time of the second intifada the need to do my Alyah, to live fully with my people, on my land”. Eliav therefore participated in the first promotion of the Naale program, in 11th grade class. “Afterwards, I realized that this was the best way for me to get to Israel.”

Eliav did his military service from 2004 in the IDF paratroopers. “In the military I fully understood the meaning of ideas, such as ‘the return of the exiles’, or involvement in a group. Soldiers, friends for life, brothers in arms from all political backgrounds, from all over the world and from all origins. And all these differences did not prevent us from taking part together in the second Lebanon war in 2006.”

After his service, he worked in security services outside Israel, then supervised and managed Ben Shemen’s Naale France Program for five years. At the same time, he obtained a B.A. degree from Ariel University.

In 2014, Eliav participated in the creation of Hadassim’s Naale France Program. A year later he was selected to be a delegate of the Jewish Agency in France. He’ll work there for three years.

Since 2018 and his return to Israel, Eliav joined the association Negba and fulfilled various leadership roles there.

Pedagogic Staff

And also :
National Service Volunteers

Young Israelis aged 18-20 performing National Service in lieu of army duty volunteer at Negba for 1-2 years and form the backbone of Negba’s volunteer ranks.

Social Counselors

Professionals trained in the area of informal education.

Social Workers

Administrative Staff