Negba’s Board of Directors

Negba is overseen by a highly active and talented Board of Directors which utilizes professional business standards allowing for transparent, efficient and fast operation. The dedicated members not only contribute financially to Negba, but they donate significant amounts of their time- some of them working almost full-time- bringing their expertise in management, finance, public relations, social work, psychology and education. Negba is grateful for their leadership.

  • Jean Bisseliches, Founder and Honorary Chair
  • Dr. Ilan Cohen, Honorary Chair
  • Pascal Grin, Chair
  • Yael Elon, Vice Chair
  • Harry Heller, Treasurer
  • Yaron Hachamov, Member-At-Large
  • Dr. Jocelyn Hattab, Member-At-Large
  • Rav Claude Heymann, Member-At-Large
  • David Kadouch, Member-At-Large
  • Sylvie Lipot, Member-At-Large
  • Merav Soberano, Member-At-Large

Audit Committee

  • Dr David Harari
  • Jacques Schilli

Negba’s Honorary Board of Directors

Negba’s Honorary Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders and public figures who endorse Negba’s mission. Negba is most appreciative of their help to advance its cause.

  • Dr. Yigal Ben Shalom – Former Director of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs; Former Director of the National Insurance Institute
  • Philippe Créange za”l – Chair “Les Cigognes” association
  • Gilles Darmon – Founder and Chair, Latet Organization
  • Professor Beno Gross * – Philosopher, Former Deacon of Bar Ilan University
  • Dr David Harari – Engineer, Israel Prize Recipient; Israel Security Award Recipient
  • Rabbi Beni Lau – Rabbi of the Ramban Synagogue, Jerusalem
  • Rabbi Itshak Levy – Former Minister of Education
  • Professor Michel Revel – Scientist, Israel Prize Recipient
  • Professor Sam Tyano – Honorary President of the Israel Psychiatric Association; Vice Chairman of the World Organization of Child Psychiatry