The National Day of Good Deeds

“The basic principles of happiness are: love of truth in spirit, love of honesty in life, love of beauty in emotion, love of goodness in action.”

Rav Kook

Doing good to others and being concerned about others: these are the fundamental priorities for accompanying and guiding the children of our Association, which carries with it the values of kindness and self-giving.
To illustrate these principles, here are some examples of the “good deeds” carried out this month as part of the National Day of Good Deeds:
Some of the children from the Franck Lévy Home participated in repainting the fence of the neighborhood community center in order to refresh and beautify these premises. The other group wrote and distributed to passers-by little notes with lovely and sweet sentences, which helped to bring a smile to everyone who read them, thus bringing them a ray of sunshine in the middle of a working day or shopping.

“When we give good, we in turn receive good!”

Many thanks to the staff at the “Chocolate Mint Gum” kiosk who, seeing our children in action, spontaneously came and brought them sweets, to everyone’s delight! Also, great many thanks to the Rafael company, which is a major player in the security of the State of Israel, in particular through its involvement in the development of the Iron Dome.
Fifteen of their engineers came to visit us, bringing with them electronic kits for 30 4th and 5th grades pupils to whom they provided numerous explanations.
This gave rise to very interesting and stimulating exchanges for our children who were very sensitive to the attention given to them by these engineers.

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