“Our main purpose in life is to help others” ~ The Dalai Lama

Due to the reality of COVID-19, many families are not working and are in isolation. The situation is difficult for many families, and especially for those of the Negba children. We noticed that the children were exhibiting signs of distress and anxiety, and that a number of their families were having difficulty purchasing food.

Caring for our children does not only happen inside our programs. Thus, our board of directors decided in a determined step to launch a special fundraising campaign. Hannah Geissman, our Executive Director, tells us: “When I told the committee the difficulties of a significant part of our families due to the virus, the members unanimously chose to take urgent action, expanding the budget to help families in these challenging times.”

Immediately after Sukkot, we began distributing meals to families of Negba children whose financial situations were deteriorating between the two national lockdowns. In addition, every week we prepare about 200 dishes in the new kitchen of Beit Negba and distribute them voluntarily. Our professional cook ensures that the meals are full, hot, fresh, and balanced – they include, of course, plenty of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. This is also a great opportunity to note his sensitivity and generosity, as he also volunteered to give his time for the wonderful families and children and prepare all the fresh dishes for distribution.

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