A New and Special Year Begins in Negba

We started the new year with the many challenges of the Coronavirus, but at the same time, with new opportunities, wide smiles, and successes!

The team learned about the new content, including: a leadership workshop, a workshops for social workers on children at-risk, a motivational workshop, and more.

Every day, we have about 200 children in our clubs. Due to the governmental guidelines and continued tightening of closures, along with social distancing, we are making a special effort to continue to provide a warm home for all of our children! Under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, all of our homes are open to allow children a stable routine, computer labs equipped for distance learning, enriching activities, attentive ears, and help with the study material. During the day, we take care of providing the children with home cooked, hot and balanced meals consisting of all the staples, prepared fresh daily in our professional kitchen.

We make sure to keep in daily contact with the children who are in isolation/quarantine, or who can not come to the clubs due to the Coronavirus. We check their conditions, family situations and continue to help as much as possible. For those in quarantine, we even prepare and provide activity kits straight to their doors!

Negba’s dedicated staff is determined to continue throughout the year to provide, teach, guide and assist these children and youth on their path to new successes and joyful experiences.

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