Two Negba Teens Record Music Clip, Boost Their Self-Esteem Through Music

Neither Tahir, 15, nor Adir, 16, would say they thrive under the spotlight.  If anything, quite the opposite is true.  Both are sweet, reserved teens who prefer to let others be the center of attention.  Yet each took significant strides bolstering their self-confidence through an unexpected means which forced them to use their voices prominently; singing. 

From left to right : Hodaya, one of the teen club counselor, Giselle Elalouf, Tahir, Meral Maor and Adir.

Their musical journey commenced last year when Negba began offering a music empowerment seminar to Negba’s youth introducing them to formal concepts in vocal and instrumental music.  The seminar led to the formation of Negba’s Teen Band, and Tahir and Adir became members, singing duets together at some of the band’s performances. 

“Singing in the seminar and in the band helped me to become so much more confident,” reflected Adir  “I began to feel comfortable in front of people.  “It didn’t matter whether I knew them or not.  Singing allowed me to feel sure of myself.” 

Adir and Tahir enjoyed the music program so much, that Adir suggested to seminar instructor Meral Maor they record a song together, and even write one of their own.  Adir and Tahir recently recorded a cover clip of Israeli singer Benaia Barabi’s song, “Tafasta li Makom.”  And they are now working with Meral to write the lyrics of their own song, which they expect to record later this year.     

“Recording the clip allowed us to express our growing talent and put it into practice,” said Tahir  “The experience was so much fun, and we learned how to sing at our best.  I feel like I’ve grown so much through the music program.  It will definitely help me in the future, in whatever I do.”

The first clip of Tahir and Adir : Tafasta li Makom (Benaia Barabi Cover)

Many thanks to Negba volunteer Gisele Elalouf for spearheading this and other music and culture initiatives, and to donor Yoel Carasso for funding the project.

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