To Give is to Receive: Negba’s Hadassah Volunteers in Jerusalem

Whether they be national service women, board members, retirees or college students, Negba relies greatly on a cadre of committed and talented volunteers.  Two of them, Margalit Raviv and Miri Farouz, assist once a week at Negba’s Jerusalem Grosman After-School Home for Children.  They’ve been volunteering for three years now, having been introduced to Negba through the Hadassah Israel Women’s Organization, in which they are active members.

“We work one-on-one with the children on school subjects they struggle with,” said Miri, a retired engineer who lives in the Kiryat Hayovel neighborhood.  “It can be in language, reading comprehension, math, English, even proper penmanship.”  Miri meets with two fourth graders every week for roughly 40 minutes, working with each for the entire year, according to a work plan designed by Negba’s program coordinators in consultation with the children’s school teachers.  Margalit, a retired HR executive living in the Kirat Hayovel neighborhood, also tutors two fourth graders.

“The kids are always waiting for me when I arrive, and it gives me lots of satisfaction,” remarked Margalit.  “I make sure to arrange my personal schedule so that I never miss a single Thursday at Negba.  The tutoring sessions are so important to me because I know it advances the children and I’m committed to help them.  Negba’s staff constantly tells us how much of a help we are.”

The academic improvement of each of Margalit and Miri’s students is tracked closely, to assure goals are met.  One of Margalit’s students could barely read when she began to instruct him, but now he is rapidly progressing through the workbook they use together.  Equally important is the social and emotional growth the children gain from the personal attention offered by Miri and Margalit through conversations and the playing of board games, which is often lacking at home.

And the Hadassah Israel Women’s Organization volunteers – 4 of them in all – don’t just look out for one or two of Negba’s kids; they’ve sponsored and organized numerous outings for all of the Grosman After-School Home’s children, such as a Purim party, a movie trip, and a visit to the Jerusalem Zoo, to name a few.  “It’s important that kids have a framework, and are not at home in front of screens,” said Miri.  “At Negba they have what to do, gain values, learn how to participate in society, experience how to behave.  It’s an honor to be a part of Negba’s wonderful work.”

Negba is grateful to Margalit, Miri and all the wonderful volunteers across our organization who make such an impact in the lives of the children, youth and families we serve together.  We could not do it without you.

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