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Social Action and Educational Partnerships

Seeking an Israeli Collaborative Program for Your School Class?
Considering a Reciprocal Shared Learning Venture for Your Professional Staff?
Looking for a Social Action Tzedaka Project for Your Child or Synagogue?

Explore the Opportunities at Negba!

If you're searching for an Israel project that enhances Jewish identity, includes hands-on involvement and impacts your life and the lives of your peers across the globe, then Negba is your natural partner. Those goals are of great important to us, too. We'd be delighted to explore these and other possibilities with you:

Collaborative Programs between Your School Class or Youth Group and a Negba Youth Group

  • Hanukah – Distance Dialogue: Jewish Identity Exploration. Expressive arts project, written statements and SKYPE video conference about what being Jewish means to me
  • Purim- Mishloach Manot/ Purim card exchange
  • Yom Ha'atzmaut / Pesach- Distance Dialogue: Am I free? Expressive multimedia project about the meaning of independence to me as a youth today
  • Together, design and edit a shared website about a particular topic
  • Cooperatively write a news article to each community's newspaper about the other community
  • Collaborate to produce a joint B'nai Mitzvah album
  • Study a shared B'nai Mitzvah theme or Torah portion together
  • Periodic SKYPE video conferencing to dialogue on selected topics of shared interest
  • Peer to peer Hebrew and English language tutoring
  • Shared movie critique; view and then engage in a dialogue about that film
  • Other idea that you'd like to propose….

Opportunities for Professional Interaction and Shared Learning

Negba encourages the development of reciprocal relationships between its social service and education professionals and their colleagues working with children at risk in Diaspora Jewish communities. Peers in both communities could learn from one another about the challenges and uniquenesses in dealing with children at risk in both communities. Dialogues conducted via SKYPE videoconferencing, written correspondence and possible exchange visits in each city would facilitate the exploration and sharing of strategies and techniques in dealing with children at risk. Together, the two communities would grow stronger as one.

Suggested Tzedaka Project Opportunities

Looking for a Tzedaka project for students, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or other occasion? Negba's kids would be grateful for your support. Your gift -whatever amount- will be recognized with a Partnership Certificate, and we'll feature your generosity in our newsletter and website. We'd be happy to discuss your area of interest to find a project right for you. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Purchase Supplies (Hoes, Planters, Soil, Seed) for the Teen Garden of Hope - Any Amount
  • Purchase Arts and Crafts Supplies - Any Amount
  • Purchase Sports Equipment (Soccer Balls, Jump Ropes) - Any Amount
  • Purchase Books & Educational Games - Any Amount
  • Purchase a DVD or Computer Game - $50
  • Sponsor Transport Costs to Bring a Kid to Negba for a Year - $70
  • Purchase a Bicycle - $275
  • Send a Kid to Negba's Summer Sleep-Away Camp (7 Days) - $380
  • Purchase a Computer for After-School Math Tutoring - $700
  • Provide a Child's Nutritional Hot Lunch for a Year - $900
  • Sponsor a Storyteller Workshop to Encourage Reading - $980
  • Sponsor a Jewish Identity Workshop (15 Kids) for a Year - $1,200
  • Sponsor an Animal Therapy Workshop (15 Kids) for a Year - $2,700
  • Sponsor a Negba Child for a Year - $3,000
  • Sponsor Therapeutic Horseback Riding (15 Kids) for a Year - $5,000

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