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Teen Clubs of Hope

Following six years of successful activity in its Beersheva Houses of Hope, grassroots pressure began to mount on Negba to extend program participation and support to junior high and high school students. Groups of Negba children who were soon to graduate primary school, felt unsure of their own stability. They turned to the Negba leadership with the request for continued programming so that they would not fall through the cracks as they entered the high school system with larger numbers of students in each class, larger schools and more opportunities to go unnoticed and remain helpless.

In response, Negba launched a pilot project in the fall of 2012, opening the Teen Club of Hope in Beersheva with 20 Negba graduates. In the fall of 2015, Negba’s first Teen Club was renamed the Huguette Heyman Teen Club, and a new, second club launched as well: the Helene and Nathan Samuel Teen Club, with roughly 15 new teens joining the ranks of Negba’s Teen Clubs program. The future Negba After-School Center will provide a vital permanent location for both Teen Clubs and increase their capacities to 50 youngsters.

Negba's Teen Clubs are designed as a place to attend after school, where one can relax and talk casually or formally with counselors, find homework help and tutoring in areas of academic weakness. The goal of the Teen Club is to offer support and continue to build the self-confidence and capabilities of each student as they find their place in high school with a new group of friends. The peers, staff and volunteers at the Club offer advice, a sounding board and a helping hand that Negba teens cannot expect to find at home from their own families for a variety of reasons. Negba stands by their side to help them make the best choices and decisions as to their academic major subjects and matriculation exams, decisions that will affect their post high school direction and determination.