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Houses of Hope:
A Nurturing, After-School "Family" Environment

Negba's Houses of Hope provide children at-risk ages 6-12 with strong after-school programming they greatly need. The children come from dysfunctional or single parent families identified as at-risk by public welfare services - families whose parents have neither the motivation, nor the ability, to create a stable and nurturing environment for their child after school or during school breaks.

Negba's Houses of Hope fill that void. They provide a physical "home" five days a week on school days from 13:00 -18:30, and during the July summer break. Located in inner city areas close to the children’s homes and viewed as integral parts of each neighborhood, the Houses of Hope are designed to create the feeling of a proper home. They often serve as the only positive model for the children to experience healthy methods of communication, play and normative family behavior and dynamics. Upon arrival each day, the children eat a nutritious hot meal in a warm family setting, receive assistance with homework and customized academic tutoring, and then engage in a host of structured social, cultural and sports enrichment activities. Each House of Hope "family" enjoys periodic outings and excursions, like a typical family. Social counseling, as well as medical and psychological supervision, is also provided.

Core staff at each House of Hope consists of a program coordinator, two counselors, a house mother and 2-6 national service volunteers as well as additional volunteers from the community. Daily supervision and training is conducted by Negba's Program Director and a Negba Social Worker.

Negba's Houses of Hope

House of Hope# of ChildrenLocation
"Les Cigognes"30Beersheva
"Franck Levy"30Beersheva
"Jaqueline and Jacques Levy-Willard"30Beersheva
"Simone and Henri Schilli"30Beersheva

"Heshbon 10" - Negba’s Unique Mathematics Curriculum at its Houses of Hope

Helping children reach their intellectual capacity in math is a high priority at Negba. Negba's "Heshbon 10" program, developed by Negba co-founder Claude Kadouch, integrates advanced scientific research in teaching methodologies, cognitive psychology, error analysis and remediation. Used as a personal tutorial on computers at Negba's Houses of Hope, children improve their level of math performance significantly by using "Heshbon 10" software two hours each week, under the supervision of a counselor and without the need to employ professional teachers for each student. The "Heshbon 10" program is unique in its technology of error correction, adapting automatically to each learner. Today the curriculum is used by nearly 250,000 students in Israel's primary schools.

Anticipated Changes in the Children Attending a Negba House of Hope:

  1. Improvement in overall behavior
  2. Better communication between child and parents
  3. Lower dropout rates from school
  4. Maximized academic achievement
  5. Bolstered self-confidence
  6. Renewed trust in authority figures & adults
  7. Development of a curiosity to explore new worlds, as a result of exposure to areas of general education and culture while at a Negba House of Hope
  8. Sense of self as a contributing member to the community and to society

A Typical Week at
a Negba House of Hope