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Negba Hadracha Training Initiative

A child's natural place is with his family; however, due to the harsh difficulties of parents' circumstances, or due to severe physical, cognitive and mental issues with the children's health, many children are forced to live in foster homes, institutions, hostels, boarding schools and secure facilities. Approximately 10,000 children in Israel today have been removed from their homes and placed at 90 residential group homes around the country under the auspices of Israel's Ministry of Social Affairs. (Data: Yeladim – Fair Chance for Children Volunteer Association, 2013.)

Children are placed at such institutions as a last resort following earlier, failed attempts at rehabilitation. They tend to be older, more fragile, and possess extremely complex issues. They are some of the most vulnerable children in Israeli society. They need - and deserve- special care to transform living in a non-normative domestic framework into a platform for integration in society, one that will enable them to develop independence and contribute positively to their environment. Improper treatment during this difficult and sensitive phase of their lives will not only have tragic consequences for their future, but it will also pose long-term ramifications for society.

Today, many of the institutions caring for these highly vulnerable children lack the tools and resources to effectively treat them. Negba believes the most effective way to affect change is by upgrading the professional capability of staff at these institutions. In coordination with Israel's Ministry of Social Affairs, the Negba Hadracha Training Initiative offers to management and counseling staff at these institutions customized professional training, team building, education and guidance, work plan development, evaluation and assessment over a two-year period, with approximately 10-12 weekly hours of training sessions and workshops for all levels of staff. Negba also offers additional accompaniment and training following the two-year period, if desired.

In partnership with Yedidut Toronto-Friedberg Charitable Foundation, the Negba Hadracha Training Initiative currently operates at the Merchavim Neve Amiel Youth Village in the Jezreel Valley, the Ohr Margalit Group Home in Ashdod, and the Alumim Rehabilitative Boarding School in Kfar Sava. The Initiative completed two successful years of training at the Ohr Simcha Educational Center in Kfar Habad, and at the Darchei Shalom Educational Center in Givat Yearim.