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10/2/2017 - Meet Yarden Shamir, One of Negba’s 19 New National Service Volunteers

This school year Negba has been fortunate again to enlist a wonderful group of National Service volunteers into its staff ranks. Yarden Shamir, 19, from the central city Modi’in, is one of those warm and talented young women, who recently joined Negba, following a year of study at a seminary.

“I wanted to work with children, but not in a dormitory setting,” Yarden said. “I heard about Negba from a friend, and pursued the possibility. Negba seemed like a unique place to volunteer, and now that I’m here, it’s even more special than I expected.”

Yarden is an integral member of the programming staff at Negba’s Franck Levy After-School Home for Children in Beersheva, where she works with 1st – 3rd graders (ages 7-9) running social programs, providing academic tutoring, and serving as mentor and confidante to the kids. “The personal connection with the children is very important for me in order to make an impact on them,” she remarked. “I want to give them as much individual attention as possible, and help them progress academically.”

Yarden is weighing the possibility of a career in education, and the experience at Negba may help her to decide. “Negba is a very professional place to work and also to grow. I can learn much from the staff, which is very disciplined but also thinks ahead to the future. I realize that how I perform my job can really make a difference in the lives and futures of the kids I’m caring for.”

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