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04/27/2017 - Negba Beersheva Children and Teens Enjoy Hospitality Shabbat Together in Rechovot

50 Negba children and teens recently attended a Shabbaton weekend together, in the city of Rechovot. For some, this was a first time sleeping away from home, and a chance to experience a typical Shabbat atmosphere with host families of teens of the Ezra Youth Movement Rechovot branch. Arriving on Friday at the colorful clubhouse, the host teens warmly received Negba’s children with refreshments, and then Negba’s children paired off to their hosts’ homes. The local clubhouse served as a base for joint Tefilot, meals and activities throughout the weekend, capped off by a moving Havdalah service and huge fair organized by the hosts replete with inflatable amusement rides, cotton candy and popcorn, game stations and more.

“It was so much fun to meet other kids and to see how they live,” said David, 14. “The family we stayed with was really nice,” remarked Ilanit, 15. “I enjoyed seeing how they interact as a family. And they really made us feel at home.” Many of the kids relished the opportunity to spend extended time with their Negba friends. A good time was had by all, and the children are clamoring for another Shabbaton.

Next year’s Shabbaton will have a lot to live up to. Thank you Snif Ezra Rechovot!

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