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11/24/2016 - Spotlight on a Negba Volunteer: Student Sagiv David-Israel, Math Tutor at Negba’s Teen Club.

Once a week Sagiv David-Israel makes his way from Ben Gurion University to Negba’s Teen Club in northern Beersheva. A second-year engineering student on the Negev campus, Sagiv, 33, volunteers tutoring in math and other subjects as part of a scholarship/volunteer program run by the university’s Deacon’s office. He also helps out with other tasks at the Teen Club, lending a hand with whatever is needed. “I really love Negba. It’s a bright spot in a tough neighborhood,” he said. “Most of the teens are sharp kids who just need some extra help. I try to give them the tools they lack, and help improve their future.”

Negba’s Teen Club offers a comprehensive array of social, cultural, emotional and educational activities to equip teens at-risk with the opportunity to succeed and to contribute positively to society. Sagiv is certainly playing an important role in making that happen. “Sagiv has an excellent rapport with the teens,” commented Albert Cohen, social worker at the Teen Club. He’s an excellent teacher of the material, so his ability to connect with the teens socially has really made his tutoring so successful.”

Sagiv will continue to volunteer at Negba for a second year. It is evident that he gets just as much out of the encounter as the teens do. “For me the weekly volunteering is a real energy boost. I have a pretty busy schedule with school and other commitments, but when I arrive at Negba, it’s a chance for me to give my all for someone else. It’s very rewarding to see how the teens are impacted. It really puts things in perspective.”

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