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04/17/2016 - Reality TV, Negba-Style: Film Produced by Teen Club Serves as Trigger for Evening Parent-Teen Dialogue

It is said that men may be from Mars, and women from Venus. But when the two share an adolescent child, they are in full agreement that their teen seems to be from another galaxy altogether. Bridging worlds was the subject of a recent Parent-Teen Dialogue at Negba’s Teen Club. And the conversation helped remove boundaries and open channels for communication.

The evening began with a viewing of a short trigger film, A Day in the Life of a Teenager, produced and edited by the teens. The parents and teens then discussed the nature of the complex relationship and explored how each side might behave differently to improve and enhance the bond. “I now understand that my teen really wants me -and needs me- to be there for her all the time, even if she doesn’t show it,” said one parent. “But my daughter should also try to speak more, and express what’s on her mind. I can’t read the signs.”

The teens, for their part, stated that they want to talk, but felt that their parents don’t want to listen. “I need to feel that I can tell my parents anything,” said one teen. “But I don’t feel that I can.” This typical catch-22 situation is the root of much of adolescent-parent tension. And it is through dialogue and awareness that the situation is best resolved. Hence, the evening dialogue at the Teen Club.

The program ended with a shared culinary activity that both teens and parents had no problem completing together- the preparation of tri-color chocolate mousse. The tasty message was clear; there are positive (and delicious) results when good parts come together.

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