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03/22/2016 - Happy Purim from Negba!

The month of Adar is always a joyful time at Negba, filled with events related to the Purim holiday. To kick off the festivities this year, Negba’s homes were decorated as different countries, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere to the environment. Two Purim carnivals were held, packed with games, rides and activities for Negba’s children. And, it wouldn’t truly be Purim without some silliness; in good Israeli Purim tradition, the teens of Negba’s Teen Club issued their Purim Takanon (charter) by which virtually everything is turned upside down (ונהפוך הוא) - the teens rule, and the staff become the subjects who must adhere to a list of senseless edicts, ala King Ahashverosh from the Biblical story of Queen Esther.

Other highlights included the Teen Club visit to Soroka Hospital to bring some holiday cheer and care packages to the sick, and the annual Negba Purim Feast, which includes a parodic retelling of the Esther story with a Negba twist. Lots of fun was had by all Negba’s children.

Wishing you and yours a freilachen Purim!

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