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05/05/2016 - Parents at Negba: Partners in Negba’s Care for their Children

Negba views parents as integral partners in Negba’s care for their children. In addition to periodic conversations and home visits, Negba offers joint programs for parents and children to strengthen the family unit and provide techniques for positive parenting. Some activities simply serve as an opportunity to have fun in the company of loved ones - a rarity today, and even more so for underprivileged families.

“It was lots of fun doing a project together with my parents,” said Liel, 10, who attends the Beersheva Schili House. Recent activities there included two art projects (a clock, and a picture frame with a family photo) to display at home, the screening of a film showing parents what their kids accomplish each day at Negba, and a children versus parents trivia game.

At the Jaqueline and Jacques Levy-Willard Beersheva House, kids and families baked Hamantaschen and prepared gift packages for Purim, and also designed a home mirror and played the fun learning game Kahoot. “I enjoyed preparing the Mishloach Manot with my mom and dad, and doing something together, just the three of us,” said Shira, 11.

The Picard House in Jerusalem also celebrated Purim with a jamming parents and children joint drum activity. And as part of “My Family” month, each home was visited to become more acquainted with each family and then later in the month parents and children played an interactive “Family Dominos” game to see how much truly they knew about each other.

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