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02/03/2016 - Negba Commences Independent Organizational Assessment and Strategic Planning Process to Improve Effectiveness and Map Future Directions

As part of Negba’s aim to help children at-risk as effectively as possible, Negba has begun an intensive evaluation and planning process led by Nova, a volunteer organization providing nonprofit consulting. The evaluation will assess Negba’s abilities, resources and managerial processes, to help Negba strategically define areas for growth. The assessment will include interviews with staff, volunteers and board members of the organization, as well as conversations with independent sources familiar with Negba’s work, and the needs of the community in the area of care for children at-risk.

“After 10 years of activity which earned us recognition for the professional quality of our work, we felt it was time to stop and think how to best utilize the experience and knowledge we’ve accumulated,” said Yael Elon, Vice Chair of Negba. “We’ve begun a process of translating the vision of Negba’s founders to focused areas of activity, both existing and new ones. Our goal is to leverage our strengths for the benefit of children at-risk, and to ensure the long-term stability of Negba.”

The process will utilize the rating methodologies developed by the Midot organization which strives to promote effectiveness. Organizations which adhere to Midot’s standards are awarded Midot’s “Seal of Effectiveness.”

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