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08/26/2015 - Negba Holds Team Building Seminar for Incoming and Returning National Service Volunteers

In preparation for the 2015/2016 school year, an intensive two-day group dynamics and team building seminar for national service volunteers was held recently at Negba in Beersheva.
The Sherut Leumi volunteers, young women between the ages of 18-20, assume important roles during their time at Negba- from one to two years- and make a significant impact on the personal development of Negba’s children at-risk. The seminars aimed at strengthening their professional capabilities, equipping them with skills and knowledge to start off the school year well prepared.

“The creative thinking teamwork challenges were a lot of fun,” said Na’ama, an incoming National Service Volunteer. “The seminar gave me a chance to meet the other volunteers and to begin to develop a working relationship with them. I also had an opportunity to learn more intimately about Negba’s mission, and to explore what it expects from me next year in my work with the children.”

The seminar also allowed Negba’s permanent staff to get to the know the national service volunteers, and then assign each of them to the appropriate position based on each volunteer’s abilities and interests. 14 new National Service volunteers will join the 6 returning for second year, bringing the total to 20 for school year 2015/2016.

Negba wishes its Sherut Leumi volunteers a successful and meaningful year in 5776.

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