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11/16/2017 - Letting Go When It’s Time: A Negba Success Story

It’s a bittersweet moment when someone you nurture, someone who relies on you, tells you you’re no longer needed. The gratification of seeing a cherished one achieve independence is tempered with the realization that you’ll miss him immensely when he’s gone. Such is the case with Netanel, who attended Negba for seven years. After 10th grade, he was excelling academically and socially. Netanel, now 17, made the hard decision to leave Negba.

“I have great memories of Negba,” he reflected appreciatively. “Instead of wasting my time after school, I was in a framework which gave me something to do. There were computers for learning and surfing. We played soccer and all kinds of games and activities. The daily learning hour for schoolwork was one of the most important things for me, because it forced me to learn how to use time effectively.”

Netanel flourished as a result, eventually completing 5 units (the highest possible) in physics, math and English. He envisions a career in business, but first will serve in the Israeli Army, determined to obtain a meaningful position for him and for his country. He wants his time in the army to be well spent.

“Netanel took advantage of the resources at Negba to improve and succeed in every area- school, socially, and in general,” recalled Teen Club Coordinator Nadav Elhadad. “He used his time well to advance.”

And he also had a positive effect on those around him. “He was a very inquisitive kid, who liked to start discussions,” said Negba social worker Albert Cohen. “It made the kids around him also want to ask and to learn.”

Netanel strongly encourages others to recognize the opportunity offered at Negba. “I could have easily been tempted by the streets and other distractions. The time at Negba made me focus on school, and I learned to be independent and responsible for myself. Any kid who can be given the gift of a framework like Negba should treasure it. It can change your life.”

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