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01/17/2018 - Negba Code Activity Imparts Value of Working Together

Negba’s children were recently summoned to Beersheva’s Liberty Bell Park with a mission to secure some liberty for princess Allison and free her from prison. Allison was to assume the throne following the death of her queen mother until her wicked sister Esmeralda imprisoned her, intent on taking Allison’s place. Each of Negba’s eight groups of 15 children set out completing riddles and tasks in a race to retrieve a code to save Allison, the true queen.

“It was the first main event of the year for all of Negba’s Beersheva children together, and we wanted to challenge them to think and to have some healthy fun outdoors,” said Talia, a Negba National Service Volunteer. “We also wanted them to develop a sense of group pride and teamwork between the individual groups.”

The message got through to the kids loud and clear. “We needed everyone in our group to do the tasks,” said Moshe, 10, of the group effort to fill up cans of water, squeeze juice from oranges, and complete other challenging activities. “It was a lot of fun and made our group become closer.”

The Shay group took first place, freeing Allison and winning pizza and a movie. The Gefen group came in second, earning an extra 15 minutes of recess time at Negba the following week. But even those who lost had a great time and learned a lot about themselves and their peers, as expressed by Moshe. “We tried to complete all the missions, and it was worth the effort even though we didn’t win.”

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