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11/17/2015 - Music Appreciation as a Means to Foster Development; A New Project for Negba’s Children, In Cooperation with the Israel Sinfonietta Beersheva

Music punctuates our everyday lives, often without our noticing it. We passively absorb its sounds while standing on the drugstore line or watching TV. But music’s pervasiveness, and the casual nature of most interactions with it, cloud the potential music appreciation holds as a growth tool for children at-risk.

Negba recently launched a cooperative project with the Israel Sinfonietta in Beersheva, aiming to utilize the capacity of music appreciation. Fifty of Negba’s children ages 6-9 will participate in music appreciation workshops with musicians of the Sinfonietta, and then attend five of the Sinfonietta’s concerts during the year.

“I enjoy the workshops and the music very much,” said Yonatan, 8. “Music helps me relax when I’m doing my schoolwork and concentrate on what I’m doing,” he said. His friend Aviel, 8, agreed. “I love the sounds of the violin and trumpet. Music makes me feel good. I would also love to learn how to sing.”

Indeed, research indicates that music appreciation bolsters self-esteem, fosters emotional development, and aids in coping with stressful situations. These are all goals that Negba strives to achieve with the children in its care, and music appreciation will now serve as an additional tool in Negba’s holistic plan to advance the wellbeing of its children. To maximize the project’s impact on the children, the project includes preparatory workshops for Negba’s counselors with Sinfonietta musicians, providing the counselors with techniques to integrate music appreciation into Negba’s enrichment activities.

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