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12/17/2017 - Blockbuster “Crazy About Negba” Movie Premieres at Yes Planet, Leads Voting for Best Picture in 2017

The usual Hanukah season films from Hollywood opened this week, with all eyes on the much anticipated Star Wars:The Last Jedi. But a little known independent movie produced in Israel’s southern capital has been garnering the most buzz, and seems set to unseat the Disney/Lucasfilm epic as this year’s best picture. Shot on location in Beersheva and starring actors from the Negba theater guild, Crazy About Negba educates as much as it entertains.

The storyline follows Kochavit and her family who relocate from northern Israel to Beersheva. Kochavit joins a Negba after-school club for youth where she experiences social alienation and is tagged as “smelly cow” given her kibbutz origin. When the club’s monies for an upcoming trip are stolen, Kochavit is named as the culprit.

Kochavit is hurt, but determined to gain acceptance and prove her innocence. Enlisting the help of club member Danny, who begrudgingly agrees to investigate, they identify the thieves through clues at the scene of the crime. The police apprehend the perpetrators, and Kochavit is crowned the club’s hero.

“People don’t need to be so mean and reject someone just because they are new,” said Maya, who played the leading role of Kochavit. “Social ostracism is a terrible thing that kids often do.” This central theme about the power of words and behavior among youth was underscored further in the film when Negba’s children sang Israel’s popular Song about Shaming: Words Can Hurt.

Negba is grateful to Yes Planet Beersheva which donated the screening evening for all of Negba’s children. Next stop- the Academy Awards.

View the full movie here:

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