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07/19/2018 - No Dull Summer Moments: Keitana Day Camps in Full Swing at Negba
The long and hot summer break in Israel is often a time when Israeli kids find themselves with nothing to do. Many regress into unproductive, and even harmful, behavior. But that’s not the case for Negba’s kids and youth. From the day school let out, they’ve continued coming to Negba for quality programming, as they have all year...(Read more)
07/05/2018 - Pilot Jerusalem “Bogrim” Program Completes Successful First Year, Helps Pre-Teens Transition into Middle School
Negba’s Bogrim Program in Kiryat Menachem, the first of its kind in Jerusalem, launched in the Spring of 2017 to prepare pre-teens for the demands of middle school that await them. The move from elementary school to middle school brings with it physiological, social, academic and emotional changes...(Read more)
06/18/2018 - Negba’s Theater Appreciation Project: Life Lessons on Stage
An important part of Negba’s mission is to enable children in its care to develop their cultural capacities to the same levels as children born into families with greater opportunities. Negba’s Theater Appreciation project is one example of Negba’s success at broadening the children’s horizons and piquing their interest in other areas. Thanks to a free subscription from the Beersheva Theater, Negba’s 4-6th graders and Teens attend five performances throughout the year. The plays are then discussed the following day, to help process the message and share one’s thoughts...(Read more)
05/30/2018 - Staff In-Service Training: Visit to Supreme Court
As part of Negba’s commitment to ongoing professional enrichment, its programming staff members took part in a recent full-day of in-service training. Held in Jerusalem at Israel’s Supreme Court, the day aimed to provide Negba’s staff with an insider’s look at the workings of Israel’s legal system to equip them with knowledge about the rights of children and youth...(Read more)
05/16/2018 - A Child’s Best Friend: Animal Assisted Therapy Workshop at Negba
Negba’s integrated approach to advance the children in its care utilizes a variety of methods and techniques. Once a week, a group of kids ages 7-9 from Negba’s Franck Levy After-School Home in Beersheva attend an Animal Assisted Therapy workshop, aimed at strengthening their social and emotional development. The children interact with and care for rabbits, snakes, birds and other animals through a cooperative project with the City of Beersheva...(Read more)
05/01/2018 - Negba Child Follows His Dream, Makes Youth Soccer Team Through Efforts of Negba’s Career Discovery Project
Ever since he can remember, Orel Abuhatzera, 12, has dreamed of being a professional athlete. On the soccer field Orel and his friends would mimic the movements of their sports idols, members of the perennial Israeli champion team, Hapoel Beersheva. But Orel stood out from his peers as a gifted soccer player...(Read more)
04/15/2018 - Negba Teen Receives Excellence in Volunteering Award from Beersheva Mayor
Omer Maor, a member of Negba’s Teen Club in Beersheva, was presented by Beersheva Mayor Ruvik Danilovich with the Beersheva Municipality’s Excellence in Volunteering Award at a recent ceremony. Maor, 17, has been a participant at Negba since grade 2, and currently is an integral part of the Teen Club’s drive to volunteer and give back to the community...(Read more)
03/26/2018 - Empowering Through Music at Negba’s Teen Club
Once a week, the sounds of singing voices reverberate through the walls of Negba’s Beersheva Headquarters. They are usually accompanied by a flute or electric guitar, and on occasion the pulsating thump of a bass drum, mimicked by a beatboxing teen. The sounds emanate from Negba’s Teen Club room, as part of a music empowerment seminar offered to Negba’s youth introducing them to formal concepts in vocal and instrumental music such as rhythm, voice development and tonality...(Read more)
03/12/2018 - Spotlight on Negba’s Head of Maintenance: When Caretaking is More Than Just About the Facilities
On the surface, Yoav Yifrach’s workday at Negba may seem ordinary. As Maintenance Head, his daily schedule includes a familiar log of tasks and repairs; repaint a wall, purchase activities supplies, mend a fence. But Yoav’s routine also includes another no less important mission: to include Negba’s kids in his work, whenever possible...(Read more)
02/25/2018 - Purim Season at Negba: Time for Some Healthy Fun!
Modern medicine has shown that a little humor can diffuse conflict, reduce stress and foster a wholesome outlook. Jewish tradition recognized this some centuries ago, injecting the Purim holiday with lots of good cheer. Negba has drawn inspiration from both these worlds to foster a healthy culture of fun during the month of Adar...(Read more)
02/11/2018 - Clockwork at Beit Grosman in Jerusalem: Taking the Time to Learn to be Independent
One of Negba’s fundamental goals- helping those in its care acquire skills to determine their own futures- may sound a bit lofty when speaking about young children. But there are simple functions that can be mastered at a young age and shape behavioral patterns for advanced future growth. At Negba’s Grosman After-School Home in Jerusalem, a multi-year educational module aims to do just that...(Read more)
01/31/2018 - “Do It Yourself” Negba Nature Outing Celebrates Tu Bishvat, Plants Seeds of Independence
The open plains north of Beersheva were filled with the sounds of Negba at a nature event to mark the Tu Bishvat holiday. All of Negba’s children spent an afternoon engaged in activities they performed themselves, and all of which were related to mother earth. They crushed chickpeas to produce homemade hummus, baked pitas on a taboon oven (under supervision, of course), brewed tea from fresh mint leaves, prepared saplings for planting at home, and more...(Read more)
01/17/2018 - Negba Code Activity Imparts Value of Working Together
Negba’s children were recently summoned to Beersheva’s Liberty Bell Park with a mission to secure some liberty for princess Allison and free her from prison. Allison was to assume the throne following the death of her queen mother until her wicked sister Esmeralda imprisoned her, intent on taking Allison’s place. Each of Negba’s eight groups of 15 children set out completing riddles and tasks in a race to retrieve a code to save Allison, the true queen...(Read more)
01/01/2018 - It’s Not Just Guns and Tanks: Negba’s Soldier-Educator Exposes Army Opportunities for Negba’s Teens
Serving in the Israeli Army is a rite-of-passage for Israel’s youth. In high school, Mor Shtainmez knew she’d reach that period one day. But she wanted to do something different...(Read more)
12/17/2017 - Blockbuster “Crazy About Negba” Movie Premieres at Yes Planet, Leads Voting for Best Picture in 2017
The usual Hanukah season films from Hollywood opened this week, with all eyes on the much anticipated Star Wars:The Last Jedi. But a little known independent movie produced in Israel’s southern capital has been garnering the most buzz, and seems set to unseat the Disney/Lucasfilm epic as this year’s best picture. Shot on location in Beersheva and starring actors from the Negba theater guild, Crazy About Negba educates as much as it entertains...(Read more)
12/13/2017 - Happy Hanukah to the Entire Negba Family!
11/30/2017 - Educating About the Dangers of Social Ostracism and Cyber Bullying at Negba’s “Bogrim” Program
Abuse can rear its ugly head in many forms. That was the message conveyed to youth at Negba’s “Bogrim” Jerusalem Pre-Teen Middle School Transition program at a recent seminar on violence...(Read more)
11/16/2017 - Letting Go When It’s Time: A Negba Success Story
It’s a bittersweet moment when someone you nurture, someone who relies on you, tells you you’re no longer needed. The gratification of seeing a cherished one achieve independence is tempered with the realization that you’ll miss him immensely when he’s gone. Such is the case with Netanel, who attended Negba for seven years...(Read more)
11/02/2017 - From National Service Volunteer to Social Worker: Spotlight on Negba Staff Member Avia Abitbul
A critical element of Negba’s vision to impart true change and create opportunity for its children is structuring a stable and consistent environment during the long-term period that Negba’s children are in its care. This continuity is enhanced when the children interact with consistent role models, and Negba is fortunate to welcome back a very familiar and trusted face, Avia Abitbul, to its staff ranks...(Read more)
10/19/2017 - Negba’s “Dreams” Career Discovery Project: If you Aspire to It, You Can Do It
We all dream about our futures. Some of our desires may be extraordinary- say, to compete for the gold as an Olympic athlete, or orbit the earth as a NASA astronaut- and even border on the unrealistic. Others are within reach, but we make no effort to achieve them out of fear of failing. If only someone had encouraged us to pursue our ambitions, our lives might look vastly different...(Read more)
10/2/2017 - Meet Yarden Shamir, One of Negba’s 19 New National Service Volunteers
This school year Negba has been fortunate again to enlist a wonderful group of National Service volunteers into its staff ranks. Yarden Shamir, 19, from the central city Modi’in, is one of those warm and talented young women, who recently joined Negba, following a year of study at a seminary...(Read more)
09/19/2017 - Shana Tova from Negba!
Negba’s children and staff wish a happy and healthy New Year to the entire Negba family and all the organization’s Jewish friends in Israel and around the globe...(Read more)
09/12/2017 - Welcome Back to Negba’s Children and Teens!
It was an exciting first week back following the August Summer break. Negba’s after-school homes and clubs in Beersheva and Jerusalem resumed activity, welcoming back its children and teens, among them some new faces joining Negba for the first time...(Read more)
08/31/2017 - Negba’s France Friends Hold Comedy Benefit in Paris
Earlier this Summer over 120 Negba friends and supporters attended an entertaining evening at the Espace Rachi Center for Art and Culture in Paris to benefit the children and youth at-risk served by Negba...(Read more)
08/06/2017 - Summer Break Is Here! See you Back Again in September
It was a fun July at Negba, full of Keitana-camp activities. August brings with it a needed Summer break during which Negba’s staff will enjoy some family time and vacation, and then return rejuvenated to finalize plans for the upcoming school year, make home visits to incoming new children and families, participate in training seminars, and decorate Negba’s after-school homes and clubs to warmly receive Negba’s kids...(Read more)
07/30/2017 - Beersheva Mayor Scores a Goal for Negba’s Children, Recognizes Importance of the Future Negba Center
Demonstrating peak fitness, Beersheva Mayor Ruvik Danilovich scored a decisive goal and assisted on another as captain of the Negba children’s squad in a friendly soccer match against Negba parents at the Goaltime soccer field in Beersheva. Held in cooperation with the Beersheva Municipality, the game aimed to promote Negba’s activities and raise awareness about the organization across the community...(Read more)
07/16/2017 - Grosman Family Plaque Unveiled at Jerusalem After-School Home
A moving ceremony was held last month to affix a plaque on Negba’s Jerusalem After-School Home for Children At-Risk to honor the Grosman family, dear friends of Negba. Twenty special guests attended the touching tribute, including Mr. Maurice Grosman, Mrs. Régine Grosman, Mrs. Antoinette Grosman, Negba President Dr. Ilan Cohen, Negba Vice President Yael Elon, Founding Member Jean Bisseliches and his wife, and other Negba board members. Negba’s Jerusalem Home operates on the premises of the Amit Reshit School, and is a unique and highly successful pilot with the Jerusalem Municipality and the Amit Reshit School...(Read more)
07/2/2017 - Spotlight on a Negba Volunteer: Shira Har Tuv
While in her last year of high school, Shira Har Tuv, then 18, began researching potential organizations for her upcoming compulsory national service. Har Tuv, from the Yishuv Kiryat Netafim on the outskirts of the city of Ariel, first heard of Negba from a former Negba national service volunteer. “I knew that I wanted to do two years of national service with children at-risk, so that I could make a real impact, and get more out of it,” said Shira. “It turned into an incredible experience for me at Negba these last two years.”...(Read more)
06/15/2017 - Story Telling at Negba: Not Just Before Bedtime
Lots of stories are told at Negba. Literally. Every Thursday a different one is read from a designated Reading Corner at each of Negba’s Beersheva after-school homes, entertaining over 50 kids in grades 1-3...(Read more)
05/29/2017 - Negba’s Beersheva Soccer Chug for Children and Youth At-Risk: Champions in their own Right
Negba places great importance in providing a variety of sports and cultural activities for its children. Each week on Tuesdays, some 50 Negba boys in Beersheva attend a soccer program at the local Goaltime Soccer Club and Fields...(Read more)
05/14/2017 - Negba Launches New "Bogrim" Program to Help Pre-Teens At-Risk Transition into Middle School
A new Negba program recently began in Jerusalem – the Bogrim program to prepare pre-teens for the demands of 7th grade that await them in the near future...(Read more)
04/27/2017 - Negba Beersheva Children and Teens Enjoy Hospitality Shabbat Together in Rechovot
50 Negba children and teens recently attended a Shabbaton weekend together, in the city of Rechovot...(Read more)
03/26/2017 - Striving for Academic Success on the Social and Geographic Periphery: Negba’s Learning Center
At Negba, a child’s academic progress is seen as a critical component in the advancement to higher education or a vocation. The daily schedules at Negba’s after-school Homes and Clubs incorporate informal education, homework assistance, individual use of an adaptive math technology computer program, and more...(Read more)
03/08/2017 - Artist Danielle Meyer-Feder Dedicates Proceeds from Jerusalem Theater Exhibition to Negba in Memory of Founder Claude Meyer
Danielle Meyer-Feder began to draw at a very young age. In 1994, she decided to leave France and immigrate to Jerusalem where she studied art and trained in new drawing and painting techniques. With her new acquired artistic abilities drawing in charcoal and painting in oil and in monotype, Danielle perfected her own style and eventually became an integral figure in the capital’s artistic community...(Read more)
02/19/2017 - Les Cigognes Association Delegation Visits Negba
The first after-school Home that Negba opened in Beersheva is the Les Cigognes-Storks (“Beit Hachasidot”) Home.
Thanks to the support of the Les Cigognes Association, Negba was able to open this first Home for 30 children, and since then the Negba - Les Cigognes partnership has continued to develop...(Read more)
02/07/2017 - Tribute to Professor Benno Gross, Of Blessed Memory, Former Member of Negba’s Honorary Board of Directors
It has been over a year since Professor Benno Gross left this world, leaving a huge void for his many students who attended his classes. Benno wrote many books about education and teaching...(Read more)
01/23/2017 - Counting on Ten Fingers: New Math Computers Program in Use at Negba
Academic advancement is a critical component of Negba’s program for children at-risk ages 6-12. For years the innovative Cheshbon 10 adaptive math technology computer program has been used across the organization- a program designed by Negba co-founder Claude Kadouche. Yet, designed over two decades ago, the program is a bit antiquated and not as appealing to today’s kids. It was time to find a more suitable learning tool...(Read more)
01/08/2017 - Professionally Speaking: A Biking Trainer’s Perspective - Interview with Daniel Sheer, a Licensed Biking Trainer
Life is much like riding a bike. There are often obstacles to overcome, or situations demanding intense effort. And though much of the course is individualized, there are many stages where teamwork is essential...(Read more)
12/25/2016 - If You Dream It, It Will Come True: Commemorative Evening In Memory of Claude Meyer, Negba Co-Founder
Last month the Negba family suffered the painful loss of its Co-Founder, Claude Meyer. Claude’s friends and family gathered at Negba recently for a touching evening to reflect on and remember the special individual Claude was...(Read more)
12/14/2016 - Negba’s Christian Friends in Nice, France: Lovers of Israel, and of Negba
Some years ago Negba’s founder Claude Meyer (ז''ל) had met with leaders of the Nice Church of the Annunciation. They were moved by Negba’s mission, and decided to organize an annual Israel solidarity event to raise funds for Negba...(Read more)
12/8/2016 - NegbaZoom Event Teaches the Importance of Teamwork
Negba’s children spend a significant amount of time each weekday at Negba’s after-school homes. But how much do they really know about the organization? A “foreign journalist” met with the children to test their Negba knowledge through an interactive NegbaZoom activity and see which Negba group best represented Negba...(Read more)
11/24/2016 - Spotlight on a Negba Volunteer: Student Sagiv David-Israel, Math Tutor at Negba’s Teen Club.
Once a week Sagiv David-Israel makes his way from Ben Gurion University to Negba’s Teen Club in northern Beersheva. A second-year engineering student on the Negev campus, Sagiv, 33, volunteers tutoring in math and other subjects as part of a scholarship/volunteer program run by the university’s Deacon’s office...(Read more)
11/9/2016 - Passing of Claude Meyer, one of the Founders of Negba.
It is with great pain and sorrow that we announce the passing of Claude Meyer, one of the Founders of Negba. For Negba's children and staff, Claude was a father, grandfather, teacher, and role model. We miss you so much, already. Thank you, Claude, for everything...(Read more)
11/2/2016 - Professionally Speaking: A Psychologist’s Perspective by Dr. Gabriel Weill
Children living in low socioeconomic neighborhoods do attend formal educational frameworks in the morning hours. But in Israel, with school beginning early at 8:00 am and ending early around 1:00-2:00 pm, there are many hours each day that the children are alone. Their parents are either at work, and those that are home due to unemployment or other reasons are not equipped to provide their children an enriching after-school framework...(Read more)
10/13/2016 - A New Year, and Soon a New Home for Negba!
Each year, Rosh Hashanah and the Jewish holidays usher in much optimism and hope for the coming year. For Negba, this is a particularly exciting New Year, since we recently began construction of Negba’s After-School Center for Children At-Risk in Beersheva, slated for completion within 10 months...(Read more)
10/10/2016 - Shana Tova from Negba!
Negba’s leadership and staff wish a happy and healthy Jewish New Year to the greater Negba family, and to all the people of Israel...(Read more)
09/22/2016 - Professionally Speaking: A Educator’s Perspective by Volunteers Danielle Luzon and Claudie Harari, Pedagogic Specialists
Most of the children who come to Negba’s after-school Houses possess behavioral and psychological difficulties. They rebel against everything, and fail continually at school. Within Negba’s framework, they find calmness, affection and acceptance that every child should receive in a normative family...(Read more)
09/11/2016 - Back to School – And Back to Negba!
This week Negba’s after-school homes and clubs in Beersheva and Jerusalem resumed activity, coinciding with the commencement of the school year. Approximately 200 children are registered at Negba this year, filling Negba’s homes to maximum capacity. The kids’ excitement to return to Negba was palpable...(Read more)
07/28/2016 - Summer Break Begins at Negba
Following an enriching and activity-packed July of Keitana-summer camp at Negba, Negba will begin its summer break for much of the month of August...(Read more)
07/20/2016 - Festive Gala Paris Dinner Held in Honor of Negba
Over 140 Negba friends gathered in the prestigious Salons Hoche near the Champs Elysees in Paris to celebrate Negba’s first 10 years of achievement...(Read more)
07/7/2016 - Happy 10th Birthday Negba!
A festive event was held to mark the first decade of Negba’s activity on behalf of children at-risk...(Read more)
06/28/2016 - Alpert Family from Columbus, Ohio Purchases Computers for Beit Schilli After-School Club in Beersheva
Children at the Beit Schilli After-School Club in Beersheva were delighted early this month when they returned after the Lag Ba’Omer holiday and saw 10 new top-of the-line computers...(Read more)
06/15/2016 - Jerusalem Day Celebrated at Negba
The Jewish calendar is packed with important events this time of year, and Negba’s children take an active role in commemorating them. Most recently, the youth at Negba’s Teen Club designed and ran an interactive day celebrating Yom Yerushalayim...(Read more)
06/01/2016 - A Psychiatrist’s Perspective: Interview with Negba Board Member Dr. Jocelyn Hattab
Negba calls its after-school frameworks for children at-risk "Houses of Hope" because our desire is to help them achieve their hopes and desires and achieve a better life. It’s not wishful thinking, or even a prayer, but an action based on our knowledge of and experience with a world of suffering in our childhood...(Read more)
05/19/2016 - Negba Awarded "Seal of Effectiveness" from the Midot Organization
Negba recently earned the Midot organization’s coveted “Seal of Effectiveness,” which is awarded to Israeli non-profits committed to a culture that includes planning and measurement, a focus on results and a desire to continuously improve...(Read more)
05/05/2016 - Parents at Negba: Partners in Negba’s Care for their Children
Negba views parents as integral partners in Negba’s care for their children. In addition to periodic conversations and home visits, Negba offers joint programs for parents and children to strengthen the family unit and provide techniques for positive parenting...(Read more)
04/18/2016 - Happy Passover from Negba!
In preparation for the Pesach holiday, Negba’s children engaged in activities including Hametz clean-up of Negba’s after-school Homes (with the help of Israeli soldiers), the baking of Matzah, and a fun viewing of the Prince of Egypt movie...(Read more)
04/17/2016 - Reality TV, Negba-Style: Film Produced by Teen Club Serves as Trigger for Evening Parent-Teen Dialogue
It is said that men may be from Mars, and women from Venus. But when the two share an adolescent child, they are in full agreement that their teen seems to be from another galaxy altogether. Bridging worlds was the subject of a recent Parent-Teen Dialogue at Negba’s Teen Club...(Read more)
04/04/2016 - Bar Mitzvah Program for Boys At-Risk Visits Jerusalem, Kotel
Ten boys from Negba’s Teen Club spent an emotional day in Jerusalem’s Old City to mark their Bar Mitzvah...(Read more)
03/30/2016 - USA Volunteer Felix Lufkin Returns for Second Stint at Negba to Lead Environmental Activities
Negba is delighted when friends from around the world visit and volunteer their time and expertise. When they come back again and build their connection with Negba’s children, it is particularly meaningful. Felix Lufkin is one of these special friends of Negba...(Read more)
03/22/2016 - Happy Purim from Negba!
The month of Adar is always a joyful time at Negba, filled with events related to the Purim holiday. To kick off the festivities this year, Negba’s homes were decorated as different countries, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere to the environment...(Read more)
03/13/2016 - Former Addict Speaks to Teen Club as Part of Drug and Alcohol Prevention Project
Youths at Negba’s Teen Club sat enraptured as they listened to a guest speaker, a former substance abuser, who began to drink and take drugs at the age of 14. Now clean for seven years, the former addict was a user until the age of 33. The encounter was part of the Teen Club’s participation in a 13-week project of the Beersheva Municipal Authority for the War on Drugs and Alcohol...(Read more)
02/28/2016 - As American as Apple Pie: USA Volunteers Lead Baking Workshop for Negba Teens
Armed with flour, sugar, and bushels of Granny Smith apples, USA visitors Martha and Sophia injected a bit of American culture into Negba on a recent trip to Israel and ran a delicious pastry session with Negba’s teens aged 13-16...(Read more)
02/14/2016 - New Negba Bat Mitzvah Program for Girls At-Risk
Negba has launched an intensive Bat Mitzvah Project over the course of four months to provide a deeper experience for 11-year old girls who will mark their Bat Mitzvah this year...(Read more)
02/03/2016 - Negba Commences Independent Organizational Assessment and Strategic Planning Process to Improve Effectiveness and Map Future Directions
As part of Negba’s aim to help children at-risk as effectively as possible, Negba has begun an intensive evaluation and planning process led by Nova, a volunteer organization providing nonprofit consulting...(Read more)
01/21/2016 - Thanks for Your Support in 2015!
(Read more)
01/04/2016 - Evening Dance Show Starring Negba’s Talent
An enchanting dance performance inspired by Peter Pan, The Lion King, and other children’s classics was held recently at Negba...(Read more)
12/22/2015 - Remedial Instruction Pilot Project Inaugurated with Nitzan Organization, Aims to Assist Negba’s Most Learning Disabled Kids
Negba’s after-school programs strive to help underprivileged children develop their educational capacities – and their social, emotional, and cultural capacities as well- to the same levels as in children born into families with greater opportunities...(Read more)
12/06/2015 - Happy Chanukah from Negba!
It wouldn’t be Chanukah in Israel- or at Negba, for that matter- without traditional Sufganiyot. Youth at Negba’s Teen Club in Beersheva got out the flour, oil, eggs and sugar and whipped up some delicious batches of donuts to celebrate the festival of lights, which begins tonight...(Read more)
12/01/2015 - Computers Installation Mini-Course Offered at Negba’s Teen Club
When it became time to upgrade the computers at one of Negba’s Teen Club groups, Negba’s IT Manager Ary Brami decided to innovate; rather than buying new and fully equipped computers, Ary saw an opportunity to create a mini-course on computers installation for the 15-17 year olds at the Teen Club...(Read more)
11/17/2015 - Music Appreciation as a Means to Foster Development; A New Project for Negba’s Children, In Cooperation with the Israel Sinfonietta Beersheva
Music punctuates our everyday lives, often without our noticing it. We passively absorb its sounds while standing on the drugstore line or watching TV. But music’s pervasiveness, and the casual nature of most interactions with it, cloud the potential music appreciation holds as a growth tool for children at-risk...(Read more)
10/28/2015 - Safety Is No Accident: Negba’s Programming Staff Takes Refresher CPR Course
Negba’s educational staff receives ongoing in-service training and enrichment to help them develop quality activities for Negba’s kids. They also prepare to care for the children in case of emergencies through mandatory first aid instruction...(Read more)
10/18/2015 - Homework First!
With the holidays behind us and school now in full swing, Negba’s after-school Homes in Beersheva and Jerusalem are bustling with activity. The first order of business each day is a learning hour consisting of homework completion, the use of the "Cheshbon 10" computers math program, and reading work...(Read more)
09/10/2015 - New School Year Commences at Negba’s After-School Homes in Beersheva and Jerusalem
Scores of smiling children returned to Negba’s Houses and Teen Clubs in Beersheva and Jerusalem this week as activities resumed at the beginning of the new school year...(Read more)
09/02/2015 - Ceremony Marks Successful First Year of Integrated Clubs for Children At-Risk for Bedouin Negev Community
A festive ceremony was held in Abu Korinat to celebrate a successful first year of activity at Negba’s six after-school clubs for the Negev Bedouin, serving 90 children aged 6-12 in the villages of Abu Korinat, Kasr-a-Sir and Bir-Hadaj...(Read more)
08/26/2015 - Negba Holds Team Building Seminar for Incoming and Returning National Service Volunteers
In preparation for the 2015/2016 school year, an intensive two-day group dynamics and team building seminar for national service volunteers was held recently at Negba in Beersheva...(Read more)
08/02/2015 - Parents of National Service Volunteers Visit Negba, View Their Daughters’ Impacts on Negba’s Children
A new tradition has been born at Negba. For the first time since the absorption of Sherut Leumi volunteers at Negba, the girls' parents visited with Negba in Beersheva, to learn more about the organization...(Read more)
07/27/2015 - Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth – Even During the Summer Break!
An important element of Negba’s programs for children at-risk is educating about health and hygiene, to empower the children and provide them with skills and tools to forge a better future...(Read more)
07/21/2015 - Teen Club Footballers Crush Negba Staff in End of Year Soccer Match
To mark the end of an excellent year of soccer training and play for the boys at Negba’s Teen Club, a football match was held versus Negba’s pedagogic team of social workers, educators and counselors...(Read more)
07/14/2015 - Teen Club Girls Begin Seminar Equipping Them with Skills to Confront Abuse
A new empowerment seminar, “Self Confidence and Self Defense: Techniques to Combat Verbal, Emotional and Physical Abuse,” was launched recently for girls at the Teen Club in Beersheva....(Read more)
06/01/2015 - Negba’s Evaluation Committee: Measuring the Progress of Each Child
Twice a year each child at Negba is assessed by Negba’s Evaluation Committee to gauge his or her academic progress...(Read more)
05/13/2015 - Grappling with Violence against Children
Negba’s educational staff recently attended an important in-service training seminar on identifying signs of abuse, offered by the pedagogic institute of “Beit Lynn,” a child protection center offering assistance for children and youth who suffer from physical or mental abuse...(Read more)
05/04/2015 - National Service Volunteer Applicants for 2015-2016 Reach All-Time High at Negba
Hundreds of high school seniors submitted applications to Negba to serve as Sherut Leumi (national service) volunteers for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year...(Read more)
04/19/2015 - Negba’s Children Remember Children who Perished in the Holocaust
A moving afternoon of events was held at Negba to mark Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day...(Read more)
04/12/2015 - How Do You Say “Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down” in French?
As part of Negba’s activities to disseminate French culture across the agency, first and second graders at the Helene and Nathan Samuel House of Hope in Beersheva listened to the story of "The Three Little Pigs" in French...(Read more)
03/15/2015 - Negba’s Children Get Out and Vote!
Election fever is in the air, and Negba’s counselors used the opportunity to teach Negba’s children about the democratic process and group decision making. Though the issue at hand had little to do with national security, housing or the cost of living, it was a burning topic for the children; where should they go on the next group outing...(Read more)
03/11/2015 - Sea of Fun at Negba on Purim
Sharks, fish and other oceanic creatures greeted Negba’s children as they entered Negba’s Houses of Hope last week. No, they hadn’t bypassed Beersheva and arrived at Eilat’s Underwater Observatory Marine Park. Negba’s national service volunteers surprised the children in celebration of the Purim holiday, and transformed Negba’s premises into oceans of fun, literally...(Read more)
02/12/2015 - Volunteer Ora Lior “Retires” After Eight Years of Service to Negba’s Children
In a moving ceremony, children at Negba’s "Les Cigognes" House of Hope paid tribute to long-time volunteer teacher Ora Lior, who is leaving Beersheva to live closer to her family. A volunteer at the House since its inception, and possibly Negba’s most senior volunteer, Ora arrived once a week for over eight years to tutor children one-on-one in various subjects...(Read more)
02/05/2015 - It’s in his Nature: USA Volunteer Felix Lufkin Spends a Week at Negba Leading Projects about the Environment
A trip to Israel is unlike any other vacation. Anyone who’s traveled here knows there’s so much to do, and never enough time to do it all; So when Felix Lufkin spent a week volunteering with Negba’s children at-risk, Negba was delighted, particularly given the Massachusetts resident’s expertise in nature education...(Read more)
01/26/2015 - Weekly Cooking Workshop Exposes Negba’s kids to New Tastes and Cultures, Fosters Life Skills
Some very talented young chefs are cooking up a storm at Negba’s Houses of Hope. Each week, aprons and chef hats are donned at Negba’s “Cooking around the World" workshops...(Read more)
12/04/2014 - Negba Launches "Eyeglasses for Every Visually Impaired Child" Project
As part of mission to improve the opportunities of the children at-risk in its care, Negba partnered with Amutat Mishkan HaRe’iya to check the vision of 150 children at Negba’s Beersheva’s Houses of Hope...(Read more)
11/02/2014 - Christians and Jews Unite in Nice, France On Behalf of Negba's Children
This past October, Jews and Christians in the city of Nice, France gathered together for a solidarity assembly and buffet dinner to benefit Negba's children at-risk in Israel...(Read more)
09/29/2014 - Outstanding Math Achievers at Negba Treated to Tour of Google Israel Offices
Five Negba children experienced a visit of a lifetime to Google Israel's Tel Aviv offices, which they earned for demonstrating excellence in math throughout the year...(Read more)
09/11/2014 - Project SOL (Sports and Learning) Club Commences Under Negba's Auspices in Jerusalem for 40 Children At-Risk
In July 2014 Negba formally assumed responsibility over a club for children at-risk in Jerusalem's Baka neighborhood...(Read more)
09/08/2014 - Inaugural Ceremony Marks Opening of Integrated Clubs for Children At-Risk for the Bedouin Negev Community
Israel's Minister of Welfare, Neve Midbar Regional Council Head, Neve Midbar Regional Council Director of Social Services, leaders of the Bedouin community and other guests participated in a moving ceremony at the Negev Bedouin village of Abu Korinat, south of Beersheva, to inaugurate the opening of Integrated Clubs for Children At-Risk, based on Negba's Houses of Hope model...(Read more)
07/13/2014 - Negba Staff Visit Children's Homes in Beersheva as Operation Protective Edge Continues
With the continued shelling across Israel, Negba's Beersheva Summer programs have been temporarily suspended, forcing Negba's children to remain at home. In response, Negba has elected to bring its programs to them... (Read more)
07/09/2014 - Negba's Summer Camps Operate in Limited Capacity as Operation Protective Edge Continues
In the wake of the 160 rockets hitting Israel during Operation Protective Edge, Negba has had to adjust its summer activity accordingly... (Read more)
07/08/2014 - Negba Co-Founder Awarded France's Legion of Honour
In a festive ceremony in the presence of Negba's children, families and friends, France's Ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave appointed Negba Co-Founder Claude Meyer to the rank of Knight in the National Order of the Legion of Honour... (Read more)
05/14/2014 - Marc Fichel Concerts to Benefit Negba's Children and Youth At-Risk
French singer Marc Fichel is coming back to Israel, and this time it's to sing for Negba at two gala concerts, one at Yad Lebanim in Ramat Hasharon on May 27, and then on May 29 at the Jerusalem Theater.... (Read more)
03/4/2014 - Jerusalem Mayor Meets Negba Children
Jerusalem Mayor Barkat Meets Negba Children, Views Beit Picard House of Hope as Model for Replication... (Read more)
01/27/2014 - France's Ambassador to Israel Visits Negba in Beersheva
French Ambassador to Israel Patrick Maisonnave paid a visit to Negba's "Les Cigognes" House of Hope where he spoke with Negba's children... (Read more)
01/15/2014 - Negba Photos Now on Flickr. View Negba's Kids like Never Before!
The famous axiom states a picture is worth a thousand words. And if it's a good photo, increase that exponentially. (Read more)
01/5/2014 - Seeking a Meaningful Sherut Leumi Experience Next Year? Consider Negba!
Negba is participating in a host of national service (Sherut Leumi) recruitment fairs across Israel to recruit young women to work at Negba in the coming year.(Read more)
12/23/2013 - Computers at the Core - Interview with Ary Brami, Negba's IT Director
A new computers station at the Helene and Nathan Samuel House of Hope in Beersheva was recently installed. We met with Ary Brami, Director of Negba's Information Technology Department.(Read more)
11/20/2013 - Negba honored at the Quai d'Orsay
The France-Israel Foundation, chaired by former minister Mrs. Nicole Guedj, celebrated last October the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. (Read more)
11/12/2013 - Negba Attends Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly in Jerusalem
Negba's presence at the conference exposed Negba to over 3,000 individuals, and served as an opportunity to cultivate relationships and engage potential partners in serving children and youth at-risk in Israel (Read more)
10/30/2013 - Negba launches New English Website
Our new website is online, first in english and soon in other languages... (Read more)
10/22/2013 - Beersheva's Municipal Election Day No "Free Day" for Negba's Children
There may not be snow days in Beersheva forcing schools to close their doors, but getting out to vote for the mayor or a council member is a strong alternative. (Read more)
10/5/2013 - Using Your Head at Negba: Not Just During Studies and Homework
(Read more)

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