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10/18/2015 - Homework First!

With the holidays behind us and school now in full swing, Negba’s after-school Homes in Beersheva and Jerusalem are bustling with activity. The first order of business each day is a learning hour consisting of homework completion, the use of the "Cheshbon 10" computers math program, and reading work.
For kids possessing difficulties in a particular subject, Negba’s counselors and volunteers work with them independently or in small groups and provide a plan of study to facilitate progress.
After the learning hour the children engage in a diverse schedule of enrichment and group activities based on their interests such as art, science, soccer and Zumba. Some fun outings in the first month included a pool swim, a treasure hunt, a beach trip, and outdoor training for the teens. Negba’s kids are enjoying every moment... and most importantly, already making progress.

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