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12/04/2014 - Negba Launches "Eyeglasses for Every Visually Impaired Child" Project

As part of Negba’s mission to improve the opportunities of the children at-risk in its care, Negba partnered with Amutat Mishkan HaRe’iya-La Fondation Optical Center to check the vision of 150 children at Negba’s Beersheva’s Houses of Hope.
Optometrists from the Optical Center traveled to Beersheva to administer the physical eye exams, and determined that over 40 of Negba’s children require eyeglasses.

In the coming weeks the 40 children requiring eyeglasses will travel to the Optical Center’s headquarters in Jerusalem, undergo a thorough eye examination, and receive a pair of eyeglasses on the same day.

Negba plans to offer the eye exams for the rest of its children in the near future.

Negba is grateful to the Optical Center for underwriting the full cost of the exams, the transport to Jerusalem, and for providing the eyeglasses. Thanks to the Optical Center’s important contribution, Negba’s children at-risk will see and read more effectively, and feel more self-confident. Just like a regular child should.

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