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07/20/2016 - Festive Gala Paris Dinner Held in Honor of Negba

Over 140 Negba friends gathered in the prestigious Salons Hoche near the Champs Elysees in Paris to celebrate Negba’s first 10 years of achievement. The festive evening afforded an opportunity for Negba’s friends to better understand the social state of affairs in Israel, and to appreciate the impact of Negba’s decade of activity on behalf of Israel’s children-at-risk.

Michel Nakache, President of Negba’s France Friends, paid tribute to Negba Co-Founders Claude Meyer and Claude Kadouch and to Negba’s professional staff. Marc Attali, Plenipotentiary Minister of the Israel Embassy in France, recognized Negba’s leadership for its vision and initiative to affect change in southern Israel, and he thanked Negba’s French supporters for their part in making that happen. French Parliament Member Meyer Habib, representing France’s 8th District (French citizens living abroad, including Israel), also offered words of appreciation for Negba’s work with Israel’s most disadvantaged youth.

Guest of honor was Israeli Knesset Member Elie Elalouf, Chair of the Knesset’s Labor, Welfare and Health Committee, who spoke about Israel’s worsening state of welfare and poverty and the need for Israel’s government to find solutions to reverse the immense social and educational disparities. A native of Beersheva, Mr. Elalouf praised Negba’s extraordinary work saving many children at-risk from delinquency and facilitating their positive growth and achievement.

Negba Board Member Jean Bisseliches offered a warm tribute, and Negba Co-Founder Claude Meyer blew out the candles on Negba’s birthday cake following an emotional recollection of his dream along with Co-Founder Claude Kadouch to create a better world for all children. Colette Baron, former Consul General of France in Tel Aviv, sent words of admiration to Negba as well.

Negba CEO Hanna Geissmann shared anecdotes of daily challenges and successes met by Negba in its work, including video testimonials from some of Negba’s children.

Negba Chair Dr. Ilan Cohen concluded the evening with details about Negba’s current major initiative, the construction of the Negba After-School Center for Children and Youth At-Risk, which will enable Negba to help even more children well into Negba’s second decade.

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