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02/05/2015 - It’s in his Nature: USA Volunteer Felix Lufkin Spends a Week at Negba Leading Projects about the Environment

A trip to Israel is unlike any other vacation. Anyone who’s traveled here knows there’s so much to do, and never enough time to do it all; historical sights, tours, friends and family to visit, and more. So when Felix Lufkin spent a week volunteering with Negba’s children at-risk on his recent Israel visit, Negba was delighted, particularly given the Northampton, Massachusetts resident’s expertise in nature education.

“Felix led a series of projects with children at one of our Beersheva after-school Houses of Hope, and he was amazing,” said Sapir, a program coordinator who worked with Felix. “He and the kids created an impressive nature wall mural, which brightens up their day when they arrive at the House of Hope. The warm atmosphere will help the children succeed in the many areas they strive to improve in at Negba.”

Felix also led workshops using organic materials to create jewelry, crafts and even start a friction fire, infusing a strong sense of appreciation for the environment into Negba’s culture. “Eating orange peels and sabra leaves was a bit weird, but all the activities were great,” said Annael. Avraham agreed. “It was really fun to light a fire without matches and make other things with Felix,” commented Avraham.

For Felix, the visit was just as meaningful as it was for Negba’s kids. “I'm very grateful Negba accepted my unconventional proposal and that I was able to spend time there. It was a very special week that I’ll always remember. This experience reaffirmed in me the oneness of our human family, our shared values of curiosity, humor, caring, a sense of place and community, and a desire to understand ourselves and the other.”

Negba is grateful to Felix for his commitment, and hopes that he’ll make Negba a regular stop on his future Israel trips.

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