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10/19/2017 - Negba’s “Dreams” Career Discovery Project:
If you Aspire to It, You Can Do It

We all dream about our futures. Some of our desires may be extraordinary- say, to compete for the gold as an Olympic athlete, or orbit the earth as a NASA astronaut- and even border on the unrealistic. Others are within reach, but we make no effort to achieve them out of fear of failing. If only someone had encouraged us to pursue our ambitions, our lives might look vastly different.

Negba’s conviction in the power of dreams is at the core of a new venture. The “Dreams” Career Discovery Project aims to help Negba’s children define what they aspire to do when they grow up, to encourage their interest in pursuing their dream profession, and to provide them with actual experiences to further explore the field of their dreams.

The first step begins with a personal conversation between the Negba child- from 4th grade and up- and a Negba staff member. A dialogue ensues probing the child’s career dreams, and if s/he has no preconceived thoughts or direction, the Negba staff member shares an extensive list of possibilities. The child also fills out a questionnaire, through which s/he reflects on personal skills on general interests. Once a direction is determined, a meeting is held with a professional from the desired field to provide a glimpse into the real world of that “dream” job. The child comes prepared with questions. Thereafter, the child and Negba staff member meet to process the professional meeting, and to develop a plan of action should the child desire to pursue that dream.

“I’ve always wanted to work in computers,” said Elior, 10. Elior met with Dudi Ram Peled, a software engineer at dbMotion in Beersheva, which provides integrated online medical records. “I asked Dudi questions like how to develop an app and how to sell apps to Google Play. One thing I learned is that I have to improve my English a lot to progress in computers.” Lucky for Elior, Negba’s overall academic program includes English enrichment, and even remedial instruction, for those who need it.

“I love to draw things,” said Matar, 11, who dreams to work in illustration or animation. “Negba arranged for me to meet with an animator named Anna, which was really interesting. Anna agreed to give me private lessons in animation so that I can improve my abilities and learn more about it.”

The message that a child receives through adult encouragement to pursue a dream- even if not ultimately materialized- is an immeasurable boost to the child’s self-confidence and esteem.

At Negba, dreaming can mean the world.

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