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12/01/2015 - Computers Installation Mini-Course Offered at Negba’s Teen Club

When it became time to upgrade the computers at one of Negba’s Teen Club groups, Negba’s IT Manager Ary Brami decided to innovate; rather than buying new and fully equipped computers, Ary saw an opportunity to create a mini-course on computers installation for the 15-17 year olds at the Teen Club, and refurbish the old computers using the teens’ help.

Ary’s mini-course offered theoretical learning followed by practical application with the teens themselves assembling hardware and then installing software.

The hands-on workshop was a big success. “In school they talk a lot about computers, but to be able to put them together ourselves was great,” said Aviv, 15. Friend Anatoly, 15 also, agreed. “I hope Ary and Negba will rely on us to assemble and maintain computers at other Negba clubs.”

Who knows, perhaps Aviv and Omer are now on track for a career in high-tech?

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