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09/11/2016 - Back to School – And Back to Negba!

This week Negba’s after-school homes and clubs in Beersheva and Jerusalem resumed activity, coinciding with the commencement of the school year. Approximately 200 children are registered at Negba this year, filling Negba’s homes to maximum capacity. The kids’ excitement to return to Negba was palpable.

“It’s fun to be back!” said Yarden, 8. “I really missed the computer work and soccer chug. The summer was long and a little boring.”

A boring summer it wasn’t for Negba’s staff, which was hard at work during the bulk of August participating in program planning meetings, staff development workshops and educational seminars. Staff members also made home visits to Negba children in anticipation of their return to Negba at the start of the school year.

And the kids didn’t come back empty handed. Each Negba child received a backpack with a pencil case and other school supplies, a gift from the Ezra Yehudit organization which assists non-profits serving children at-risk. “The backpack was so cool,” exclaimed Yarden. “And I really needed one to carry all my stuff.”

The Ezra Yehudit organization, represented by Dr. Michael Wolf and Frederic Amar, has been a committed partner of Negba in recent years, providing Hanukah gifts and Hanukah performances for Negba’s children, and underwriting two Negba fundraising concerts in Israel with popular French singer Marc Fichel. “We are grateful to the Ezra Yehudit organization for sharing in our mission and generously supporting our efforts to help Israel’s children and youth at-risk,” remarked Hanna Geissmann, Negba’s CEO. “It is heartwarming to see such a dedicated group, led by Dr. Wolf and Mr. Amar, who selflessly and tirelessly aim to help disadvantaged children advance in their lives.”

Negba, too, continues to advance, recently breaking ground to construct the future After-School Center for Children At-Risk in Beersheva, which will provide a vital permanent location for five clubs, Negba’s Pedagogic Center’s Resource, Training and Therapy Rooms, include administrative space, and contain a kitchen to prepare meals for all of Negba’s Beersheva clubs.

Negba wishes all its children and youth a successful year of achievement.

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