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02/28/2016 - As American as Apple Pie: USA Volunteers Lead Baking Workshop for Negba Teens

Armed with flour, sugar, and bushels of Granny Smith apples, USA visitors Martha and Sophia injected a bit of American culture into Negba on a recent trip to Israel and ran a delicious pastry session with Negba’s teens aged 13-16. They demonstrated each step of the baking process beginning with how to thinly slice the apples. And the workshop wasn’t just about food; they taught the teens some English words and phrases like “pan” (תבנית), and “to bake” (לאפות). The teens easily mastered the language lessons, and had little trouble polishing off the apple pies. Consuming desserts is a universal skill for teens.

The two volunteers came to Negba after hearing about it from a relative who visited with Negba last year. “It was such a treat for us to visit Negba,” said Sophia. “We were so delighted to lead the baking workshop, since it’s something we love to do at home. We were so impressed with the diverse and enriching range of programming at Negba, and wanted to add to it.”

Negba looks forward to their return and to another sweet aroma wafting through its premises.

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