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01/23/2017 - Counting on Ten Fingers: New Math Computers Program in Use at Negba

Academic advancement is a critical component of Negba’s program for children at-risk ages 6-12. For years the innovative Cheshbon 10 adaptive math technology computer program has been used across the organization- a program designed by Negba co-founder Claude Kadouche. Designed by educational specialists, the unique software enabled children to learn independently at their own level, while continuously monitoring the progress of each child. Yet, with today’s interactive technological innovations, the program is no longer as appealing as it was when developed some twenty years ago. It was time to find a more contemporary learning tool.

That time has come. After considering a number of options, Negba’s pedagogic staff chose the Ten Fingers math program, a product of the Matific Company. Matific’s Country Director Uri Avraham and his staff visited Negba to introduce the product, and ultimately decided to offer the program to Negba for free.

And Negba’s kids love it. “It’s great using Ten Fingers,” said Yaakov, 7. “I learn lots while doing fun things like freeing monsters to get points when I do the math problems.” His friend Roi, 8, agreed. “It is really cool! I use it at home too, not only when I’m at Negba.” Indeed, a good number of Negba children are using Ten Fingers at home, since the independently used program is also accessible via the web with a secure password. The engaging Ten Fingers offers an updated math curriculum and enables progress tracking, so that Negba’s staff can closely monitor progress.

Negba is grateful to the Matific Company for partnering with it to provide children at-risk the skills for a positive future.

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