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Negba relies on a core of committed and talented volunteers to bolster both the educational, social and emotional aspects of its work. We could not achieve what we do without them.

Young Israelis aged 18-20 performing National Service in lieu of army duty volunteer at Negba for 1-2 years and form the backbone of Negba’s volunteer ranks. Living in apartments provided by Negba, the Sherut Leumi volunteers work full time planning and then leading activities and lessons for the children, working one on one with the children when they arrive after school.

Retirees from the field of education provide individual mentoring and instruction on a weekly basis to the children who most need help.

Local high school youth from nearby high schools (tenth and eleventh graders) volunteer as part of the nationwide Mechuyavut Ishit “Personal Commitment” program. Each Negba group receives weekly visits by two teenagers. Similar to a big brother/sister program, their high school youth greatly impact Negba’s children both socially and emotionally.

European college students in the Euro-Med Youth Project volunteer at Negba full time for a period of six to eight weeks. Despite the lack of a common language, Negba’s children and its Israeli staff become very attached to these compassionate souls who seek to repair the world and bridge boundaries between cultures.