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The Negba Vision

Negba was borne out of a passion to rectify and reverse the growing trend of social inequality that troubles many communities across Israel. Its founders’ ideology is based on a national imperative to stem the multi-generational cycle of uneducated parents raising children in non-normative or even dysfunctional family environments. These weaker populations are, for the most part, unable to raise themselves out of a cycle of distress. Negba plays an essential role by intervening with its integrated educational and social support network that strengthens each child, her/his family, and the community.

Negba’s founders believe that intervention at as young an age as possible in the development of those who fall through the cracks will bolster the future human capital of the State of Israel. Working with the same children continuously from first grade through primary school and beyond- one of the few organizations doing so in Israel- Negba expects to minimize school truancy and crime rates among its client children before they become candidates for such behavior. Children who grow up with the Negba 'advantage' will experience significantly minimized feelings of personal injustice and inequality that lead to a delinquent and self-destructive lifestyle. In this way, Negba's program will positively impact national productivity and rebalance social inequity.

The Children of Negba

Breakdown of the disadvantaged backgrounds of the children
welcomed at Negba:

  • Poverty: 93%
  • Unemployment: 48%
  • Single-parent family: 44%
  • Recent immigrants: 39%
  • Family violence: 26%
  • Illness or disability: 23%
  • Crime: 11%
  • Drugs: 9%