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Message from Negba’s Chair

It all started with my visit to Negba at the urging of my friend and Negba Founder Claude Meyer. From the moment I entered a House of Hope in Beersheva and met some of Negba’s children at-risk, I was in awe.

We take so much for granted in today’s modern world. But there are so many children who come from distressed families and lack some of the most basic physical, emotional and intellectual needs. There are some 365,000 such children at-risk in Israel.

At Negba, we do our part to help some of those children, providing a nurturing environment to facilitate their overall growth. Negba strongly believes that the future of Israel lies in the hands of its children. Negba strives to ensure they have an equal opportunity to achieve.

So, I invite you to take a visit with me to a Negba House of Hope. I promise you’ll be in awe, too. Join me among the ranks of the greater Negba family.

Ilan Cohen

About Ilan

Dr. Ilan Cohen is the Chairman
& President of Servotronix Ltd.
Among his numerous academic titles,
he holds a Ph.D. from Polytechnique - Université Libre De Bruxelles, and a
MSEE from the California Institute of Technology.
He also taught at the University of
Tel Aviv.

A very active international businessman, having held top managing positions with American leading companies, Dr. Cohen now dedicates his energy to developing
not only his own company but also preparing the future technological capabilities of Israel.