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About us

Negba is an Israeli non-profit organization established in 2006, dedicated to changing the fate of Israeli children at-risk from dysfunctional, single parent or distressed families. Children that are well-fed and feel safe, loved and respected, generally have the self-confidence and desire to achieve success. Negba provides its children with the support they lack to facilitate their healthy growth and development.

Negba's integrated social and educational program strengthens each child’s self-esteem and knowledge, equipping each child with the skills and desire necessary to appreciate learning and discover the thrill of success. At Negba's programs, children are welcomed each day by warm and caring people who help each child grow and develop into motivated young adults ready to face the world with expectations of a bright future.

Studies show that children are much more likely to thrive when living with their nuclear family, even a non-normative one. Israel's Ministry of Social Affairs recommends children at-risk remain at home and not be sent to boarding schools, but attend after-school programs such as Negba's to ensure they are fed balanced meals, receive social service care, and participate in a supervised framework to complete homework, receive remedial tutoring and be intellectually, socially and culturally stimulated.

Negba has an important role to play. Working hand in hand with local authorities, Negba supplements existing government resources to significantly augment standard municipal programs, enabling children at-risk to both bridge the gaps they possess in relation to their normative peers, as well as maximize their own potential.

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Negba’s Program
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