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In September 2004, a pilot project consisting of three after-school centers for 120 children at-risk in Beit Shemesh was established by a group of Franco-Israelis, together with a local organization. A variety of program modules were experimented with, until a successful model was achieved. Hearing about the successful pilot, a leading public figure in Beersheva requested the model be replicated in the capital of the Negev, a city with a relatively large disadvantaged population. To accommodate the request, Negba was founded in October 2006 as an independent organization, and it entered into a contractual agreement with Beersheva's department of social services to operate Negba's first Houses of Hope after-school program for 30 children at-risk. Negba's second House of Hope in Beersheva opened in October 2007.

In March 2008, when the border city of Sderot was under missile attack from Gaza, Negba answered an emergency plea for help and opened its third House of Hope there, serving 30 children. Responsibility for the House was subsequently transferred to the Sderot Municipality, following a return to relative quiet on the border. Later in 2008 two additional Houses of Hope were launched in Beersheva, and an additional two in 2010.

In 2011 Negba opened a first Jerusalem House of Hope in a different model, cooperating with the Amit Reshit School and under the supervision of Jerusalem's department of education, serving 40 children at-risk.

In 2012, Negba inaugurated its Beersheva Teen Club of Hope, a new enterprise to serve graduates of Negba's Houses of Hope lacking a framework from the age of 13. And in 2013, Negba launched its Negba Hadracha Training Initiative for welfare boarding schools staff, offering professional training, team building, guidance and evaluation.

Negba continues to plan for 2016 and beyond, for the benefit of Israel's children at-risk.

What does Negba

In Hebrew Negba means southward.
Negba launched its activities in
Israel's southern region (known as
the Negev), and it continues to focus important initiatives in Beersheva
and the vicinity.